Silent film night

with accompaniment @Slottskrogen


Short comedies of the maestros

Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton

will be presented at Slottskrogen, accompanied by Janne Kuusinen,

from Oct 16th, 2019 at 18:00.

There will be three films presented, each around 20 minutes long.

Janne Kuusinen (b.1975)

could be compared to an MMA fighter, who floats around unanchored

in the holy interartistic trinity of music, picture and text. 

He is from the town of Salo and his education is Master of music

(Sibelius Academy/music pedagogy department).

In music he earns his livelihood by playing music, teaching accompaniment and arranging music

for a.o. Salon Seudun Harmonikkakerho (harmonica club in Salo), where he works as an artistic director. 

He has made two records with his own compositions.


Kuusinen who has a serious attitude towards tango, humour and Finland,

has also done radio shows, written books, as well as worked in the graphic field

(a.o. cartoons, posters, illustrations, logos).

Kuusinen has accompanied silent films independently as well as in various co-operations since the year 2000.

He tends to say that all that is relevant in film was invented already in the days of the silent film - except the sound.


Tickets 9€/person. Children younger than 12 years 4€/child.


More information and bookings from our sales: +358(0)19 36231

Restaurant Slottskrogen offers a lounge menu and a menu of the day.
There will be small snacks and beverages to buy during the film presentation.

We recommend Bon Vivant - hotel&dinner in combination with the Silent Film Night.

The price 99€/person includes:
Our Chef's dinner in the restaurant
Accommodation in a Comfort Twin hotel room
The Slottskrogen Breakfast Buffet in the restaurant

Upgrade: Accomodation in a Classic room for two in Edelfelt to an additional cost of +10€/person.

The restaurant kitchen is open until 21:00.
The restaurant bar is open until 22:00.
Breakfast is served at restaurant Slottskrogen between 08:00 and 11:00.
Breakfast buffet at restaurant Slottskrogen outside package is 25€/person.
Menu for children younger than 12 years -50%.

Dinner-accomodation package for children:
0-2 years free of charge
2-6 years 30% of the package price.
7-12 years 50% of the package price.

Hotel&Dinner single room +30€.
Accommodation outside of package to the list prices of the day.
Extra bed 30€/person/night.
Children 2-6 years in extra bed 15€/person/night. 
Children younger than 2 years free of charge in the hotel and at breakfast.

We recommend guided tour in the castle museum before the show at 16:00.
The tour of the manor museum takes about an hour.
A tour in the manor museum outside package:

10€/person 10€/person
Pensioners and students 8€/person Pensioners and students 8€/person
Children 2-6 years 2€ Children 2-6 years 2€ 
Children younger than 6 years free of charge. Children younger than 6 years free of charge.
Event participants at the tour free of charge.

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