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Dinner for one

Show & Dinner

8.11.2019 at 7pm

"Same procedure as last year, miss Sophie?"
"Same procedure as every year James!"

Countess Sophie is organising a dinner for her 90th birthday,

as every year she asks her butler James to serve the guests she has invited.

She has invited the same friends as last year:

Sir Toby, admiral Schneider, Mr.Pommeroy and Mr.Winterbottom.

Unfourtanetly these gentlemen have died long ago.

So James, the butler, has to toast to every course as each of the guests.


This show, which makes you laugh so hard you cry, is by the Guinnes Book of world records,

said to be the most rebroadcasted show in the world.


Joonas Suominen plays James the butler

(and sir Toby, admiral Schneider, Mr.Pommeroy and Mr. Winterbottom).

Elina Suominen plays Countess Sophie.
Dinner for one at first, then dinner for everyone at Mustio Manor.
Jerusalem artichoke soup, almond and whitefish roe
Cod from the North Sea, ash and sea buck-thorn berries
Chicken from Niittylintu, mushrooms and pumpkin
Winter fruit, nuts and white chocolate
Dinner and show 59€/person, including programme and dinner
Children under 12 years -50%
Beverage package 34€/person
We recommend our hotel&dinner - Bon Vivant på pris 109€/person including:
A hotel Comfort room for two for one night
Breakfast buffet in the restaurant Slottskrogen
A 4-course dinner in the restaurant
Upgrade: Classic room for two in Edelfelt +10€/person.
In restaurant Slottskrogen we serve an event menu and our lounge menu.
The restaurant kitchen is open until 21:00.
The restaurant bar is open until 21:30.
Breakfast is served at restaurant Slottskrogen between 08:00 and 11:00.
Breakfast buffet at restaurant Slottskrogen bought separately 25€/person.
Menu for children younger than 12 years -50%.
Check-in is at 15:00.
Package in a single room +30€
Extra bed 30€/person/night. 
Children 2-6 years in extra bed 15€/person/night. 
Children younger than 2 years free of charge in hotel and at breakfast.
Hotel&Dinner for children:
0-2 years free of charge
2-6 years 30% of the package price.
7-12 years 50% of the package price.
Vi recommend guided tour with our guide before the event.

The tour of the manor museum lasts about an hour.


Pensioners and students 8€/person
Children 2-6 years 2€ 
Children younger than 6 years free of charge.
Participants for the event for free at the castle. 
More information and booking: info@mustionlinna.fi / +358(0)19 36231